Queenstown’s ‘shoulder season’ disappearing

Lull shoulder seasons in Queenstown are disappearing as more tourists visit the resort all year around.

Destination Queenstown chief executive Graham Budd said the organisation’s main focus has recently been to bring more visitors in spring and autumn.

“It’s a very significant focus for us. And we are having a lot of success actually,” he said.

May, June, September and October were the quietest times for the resort but the tourist numbers have been growing, Budd said.

“We certainly seen the numbers grow but they are not near the level of our peak season.”

Australians, Chinese and visitors from the United States were the most regular to holiday in the resort the most, and the time of the year they arrived was changing.

“Its now becoming much more spread out,” Budd said.

Destination Queenstown havs had two main campaigns targeting shoulder seasons.

Aucklanders and regional visitors were targeted to travel to Queenstown during May and June.

“The autumn is stunning in Queenstown,” Budd said.

The September and October strategy was to offer spa, beauty treatments, relaxation and shopping targeting mainly females worldwide.

During those months Australian skiers also come to the resort, as the days became longer and warmer with less people on the skifield, Budd said.

Chinese consulate general in Christchurch Jin Zhijian​ said there were two most popular periods for Chinese to travel.

The tourists mainly visited New Zealand in January and February, during Chinese New Year celebrations and in early October during the week-long Golden Week holiday, Zhijian said.

“Different seasons have different beauty,” he said.

March and April were also on the travel calendar but it was too cold for Chinese to travel to New Zealand and they would rather go to the Northern hemisphere, Zhijian said.

“People are more flexible and have more control of their income so they can travel whenever they want,” he said.

In year ended June 2016, the total international visitor arrivals in New Zealand grew by 10.6 per cent according to Destination Queenstown’s annual report.

Holiday arrivals went up 16 per cent with particular growth from China and America, it said.

The region had a record number of new visitor in a year starting in August.

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